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Built at the foot of Natural Park MontgóAccording to the inscription that we can find upon arrival at the hermitage, this was a place of meditation for Pare Pere. The hermitage of San Juan was, in addition, the refuge during the XNUMXth century of the brotherhood of the "Negres", Christianized African slaves.

Ermita de San Juan - Dénia

Architecture chapel

The Hermitage of San Juan de Dénia is one of the best known of the city and is part of the calls "Hermitages of conquest" that they were built during the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries. It is a Gothic-style building consisting of a rectangular UNINAVE with cover to two waters supported upon two Gothic arches.

But if anything stands out especially the architecture of this chapel is its porch, Palladian or serliana trace. It is a portal of high quality, carved in local sandstone and built to 1600 when the Villa de dénia received up to three times the visit of King Felipe III thanks to the interest of Francisco Gómez de Sandoval y Rojas, Duke of Lerma, V Marquess of Denia and favorite of King.

Feast of St. John

The hermitage of San Juan is the meeting point of devotees and revelers during the week of San Juan, between the 20 and 24 June. During those days a pilgrimage, popular meals and dinners and party at night, without forgetting their own, unique where religious services are held throughout the year liturgies of these days is done.

Schedules and Masses

The hermitage of San Juan remains closed the public throughout the year except for the week of the feast of the saint, 20 24 to June. In 2013, the department of culture of Dénia organized tours of the chapel coinciding with the celebration of onomastics with the aim of bringing such an iconic story of the citizens place visits.

How to get there

The hermitage of San Juan is in the game of the same name, in the Natural Park Montgó. To reach it from the street Diana depart towards the Montgó by the Camí de Sant Joan. Pass a roundabout and go straight up the mountain until alacancemos a fork in which we see an island with alagarrobo before reaching the Al-Khalif urbanization. Take the right turn, which remains the Camí de San Joan, until you reach a crossroads where we will see the first indication to the chapel, to 350 meters.

Access road to the hermitage of San Juan de Dénia

We will take the road -in ascent- called Camí Vell de l'Ermita and after 100 meters we will take the road on the right, Camí Nou de l'Ermita. At the end of this road we will find ourselves in the esplanade of the hermitage, with the Montgó in front and the city of Dénia behind us.

To reach it there is no public transport, so it is advisable private vehicles or on foot, a pleasant walk through the Montgó.

The surroundings

The hermitage of San Juan, like other hermitages of the city of Denia is located in the countryside, in the Natural Park of Montgo, in a residential area. Around we can not find services such as restaurants or shops, but the proximity to the city facilitates the acquisition of these services if you need them.

Images of Ermita

Parties in Ermita

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