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The festera entraeta acts culminates week of Mig Any of Moors and Christians

01 March 2015 - 00: 59

Week Mig Any of the parties Moors and Christians Denia ended with the expected festera entraeta the city center, which had a temperate climate that encouraged the streets full of people willing to enjoy an afternoon party.

They opened the parade president of the Federation, Josele Maldonado, and the captain and championed Christians and MªJosé Salvador Gil Lopez, who marched with her daughter. The Christian side continued their passage and to announce the arrival of the Moors marched the captain and champion, Mabel and Vicente Buigues.

Mig Any celebration of Moors and Christians has brought Dénia, in recent days, the heat of August through the music of Moorish and Christian marches. Now begins the countdown to the holiday celebrations in honor of Sant Roc.

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