The entrance of the Mora de Dénia Reception, in images

August 10 from 2022 - 11: 37

This Tuesday, the Moorish side of Dénia carried out its reception. From 21:00 p.m., all the rows paraded through the city center, from Plaça del Consell to the port, passing through the main stage of these festivities: Marqués de Campo. It was the start of the Mora Reception, one of the events prior to the start of the strong days of Moors and Christians. This Thursday will be the turn of the christian side.

Check the complete program of the Moors and Christians of Dénia here.

  1. Raul says:

    Year after year the same, how tiresome please!

    • Cesar Pino Dominguez says:

      History is written and it is history, just as traditions are traditions no matter how repetitive and tiresome they may seem to us.
      If you have to take this as something festive and that has nothing to do or link with history and current reality. Hello.