The donation of blood stars in the agenda of this Thursday in Dénia with the X Marathon

20 September 2018 - 07: 58

Today Thursday, 20 September, is one of the most supportive days of the year. The Social Center of Dénia hosts the X Blood Donation Marathon, which this year hopes to beat attendance record and reach the 300 people.

Donors can go from 9: 45 to 14: 00 hours and from 16: 45 to 21: 00 hours. The organization has encouraged all those interested in donating to approach them, even if they have any doubts, that will be solved by the professionals who will attend the donors throughout the day.

Requirements to be able to donate blood

All 18 seniors and 65 minors who weigh more than 50 kilos may donate blood. For that day it is not necessary to go fasting, but quite the contrary: it is recommended to carry out normal activity and especially to drink more water than usual.

Those who donate for the first time must come with a DNI or a supporting document, while those who have already donated must provide their donor card.

From the Transfusion Center they have remembered that people who have had a tattoo can donate as long as six months have passed since they were made.

Also, two months have passed since the last donation. For women it is recommended to donate a maximum of three times in the calendar year, and men, a maximum of four times.

Anyway, throughout the day there will be professionals attending to the doubts of those who come to the Social Center. They will be the ones who, ultimately, will recommend, or not, the donation.

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