Dr. Patricia Marzal, from the Dénia Hospital, receives the second Prize of the XIV Sedisa Project Management Course

January 04 from 2023 - 09: 44

Dr. Patricia Marzal, Head of the Documentation and Clinical Effectiveness Service of the Dénia Health Department, has received the second Prize for the project presented during the XIV edition of the Sedisa "Project Management" course, together with other members of a multidisciplinary working group.

Under the title "Shared Decisions", the project is included in the field of new relationships between health professionals and the people they care for. In addition, it seeks, through a practical exercise, to provide strategies for shared decision-making.

The article, which includes initiatives related to the patient's right to be informed and participate in decision-making about their health care, seeks a change in the care paradigm, in line with current regulations on patient autonomy. , information and clinical documentation.

According to Dr. Marzal, “shared clinical decision-making is a key piece in the pillars of people-centered care. It is about an attitude of respect for the rights of patients and a professional-patient agreement that promotes a more active role of the patient in her disease, ”she qualifies.

The award, endowed with 3.000 euros, seeks to recognize the work of Health Managers who participate in workshops and develop, together with other managers, specific innovative projects in health management.

The complete article will be published in the magazine “Cuadernos de gestión”.

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