The descendant of dianenses Galdó Teresa Rodriguez, who lives in Galicia, meets 105 years

23 2011 April - 00: 00

The Municipal Archives of Denia also recalled Dona Teresa Rodriguez Galdó on the day of his birthday 105. Teresa, one of the older women in Spain, has dianenses roots. His parents, Felix and Antonia, born, married and had their first son, Kiko, Denia. The family was required to work in Camposancos (Pontevedra) and there were born three other children: Laureano, Rita and Teresa, who was born in 1906.

Although Teresa was never in Dénia, remember the affection that his mother had to town as well as devotion to the Virgin of the Helpless or rice that concinaba him, especially the arròs amb fessols, arròs a banda and paella .

Teresa currently resides in the Tui Senior CenterAnd there is going to celebrate such a special day today, surrounded by her friends and maybe a visit from a representative of the Company "The friends" Camposancos, founded in 1909 by José Armell Venasco Dianense. Maruja Armell, granddaughter of Joseph, accompanied for some time in this Teresa Senior Center.

From denia.com we want to join the congratulations of the Municipal Archive and wish Teresa a happy birthday!

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  1. Manuel Lucena says:

    Teresa Galdó is a living witness espledorosa time in the history of Denia.
    It belonged to a colony of dianenses (called Valencian) located in Camposancos (La Guardia), which over a period of 50 years (1881-1929) estubieron manufacturing wooden containers bound for Denia, for the export of raisins.
    Suggestive history that has not yet reached the dissemination it deserves.
    The company to which they belonged was called Paris Hermanos y Cia.
    Congratulations Teresa.
    Maruja memories
    Manuel Lucena