The despair of a day at the beach: how to get to Les Rotes and not die trying

August 11 from 2020 - 00: 44

We expected a bad year of tourism, but the presence of vehicles seems the same as other summers. At least that part is still intact, although it is not the most lucrative.

Summer traffic is the downside of the increase in visitors during good weather months. We went from just over 45.000 inhabitants to hosting up to 200.000, each family with their car. And, to be honest, we do not have the roads so that the traffic is fluid or the spaces to park and be able to visit any point of Dénia without worries.

These problems are increased on coastal roads, especially in Les Rotes, where there are hardly any places to park.

Deciding to spend a day at the beach on the southern coast of Dianense, or go to enjoy the restaurants there, becomes an authentic headache for neighbors and visitors. We know that you will have to spend a lot of time driving around until you find a place to park that is probably not suitable for that purpose.

And that's not to mention how difficult and dangerous it is to drive on the narrow road when, in addition, parking rows are improvised on each side of the road where it is not allowed, further reducing the width of it.

What alternatives exist?

Luckily, there are several ways to avoid these headaches and enjoy the day in Les Rotes even more.

If you have the need to take the car yes or yes, there is a free public parking with space for 45 vehicles right in front of Punta Negra, one of the dianenses' favorite coves.

This space is part of the public parking network that has been promoted by the Dénia City Council for some years, allowing leave vehicles near places of interest. The one in Les Rotes is also located in a strategic place, also very close to the end of the coast, where there is access to the Torre del Gerro and the Cova Tallada, as well as several top restaurants.

A simple walk of less than 10 minutes enjoying the views of the rocky coastline and you will reach the last beach of Les Rotes.

Get to Les Rotes without depending on the car

Sometimes we forget it, but the beach also has a bus line with a wide schedule that allows you to get from the town to different points of the coast, including the end of Les Rotes with a stop in front of the restaurant Mena.

In just a few minutes you can get from Dénia to the cove of Les Arenetes, the furthest south. From 08:00 to 21:00, at every hour except 15:00, a bus leaves from the port to Les Rotes, returning at the same time but a quarter.

The average price of the service is between 0'95 and 1'50 euros, leaving you at the following stops: Esplanade Cervantes, Farmacia, H. Port Dénia, La Marineta, Ascent to Troyas, Salones El Poblet, in front of the road to Pegolí, Camping Tolosa, Ermita Les Rotes, Las Viñas, Rest. La Estancia, H. Les Rotes, Rest. El Pino, Rest. Ore.

Alternatives that, without a doubt, will allow you to make the most of the day of sun and beach without worries and without the annoyances that come with looking for parking where there is none. Much simpler although sometimes we forget it.

  1. Laura Gassó says:

    Caring for the environment should not be a matter of political parties of one sign or another. It is an obligation of all: those responsible for the administration and citizens. Access to the beaches should not be done with polluting motorized means of transport (atmospheric, visually and acoustically) and less in the environment of a natural park. Pets should not bathe and piss on beaches. Bathers should not leave residues (plastics, cigarette ends, etc.) and neither should boats throw their residues into the sea, most of which end up either in the stomachs of the fish, which we later eat, or on the shores washed away by the currents. There is an excess of polluting engines both on land and in the sea (especially annoying and noisy motorcycles). We lack awareness and that is why we deteriorate our environment in every possible way. A shame

  2. I xelo says:

    In my opinion, I, who am a resident of the rotas, think that you should park only in the parking areas, since they are narrow roads and circulate at the same time, bicycles, cars, pedestrians with children and it is dangerous, especially if there are You have to do reverse maneuvers, because a car is coming your way and as there are cars parked on the shoulder, they don't fit.
    I would like my proposal not to park on the shoulder, only on the esplanades or authorized areas ...
    On the other hand, congratulate the Mayor for his management in these years, he considered that he is an honest person and also, Denia is increasingly beautiful. Thank you!!

  3. Pigeon says:

    And how about getting around by bike? I always do it and in my back basket I carry everything… including the chair! It is a door-to-door transport and not subject to schedules as well as silent, healthy and sustainable 💁‍♀️

  4. Luis says:

    It seems incredible that not even the only thing we have is capable of taking care of it. The beaches are the only reason why people come without beaches there is no reason. Likewise, such is the level of tourism we receive and the lack of infrastructure that what we see happens.

  5. María Ibars says:

    The whole report is a bunch of nonsense.
    "We went from 40k to 200k in summer"
    You ignore the owners of second homes. That double the Danish population.
    The same thing that the mayor obviates 40% of these in all communications and announcements, all in Catalan.
    People go to the broken because the sandy beaches are in a deplorable state.
    The chiringuitos have disappeared after the socio-communist council purged the old and magnificent operators.
    Denia is losing tourist rating. This is already discussed on all sites.
    The beaches with the PP were perfect.
    Denia is a site to sell. Andalusia is imposing itself to invest.
    Mayor Marchese and leave it to those in the know.

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