Dance and sport star in the institutional act of 8M in Dénia

08 March 2023 - 14: 03

Today in the Plaza del Consell de Dénia the act for Women's Day has been carried out, in which the mayor, Vicent Grimalt, and the Councilor for Equality, Javier Scotto, have been accompanied by three players from the city's first women's soccer team: Maria Rosa Vives, Pepa Masiá and Rosa Fontanet. They, who will receive a well-deserved tribute this weekend, have been in charge of reading the manifesto.

After that, Migrare was interpreted, an innovative stage proposal that combines theatre, dance and balance with stilts. It has been carried out by the Maduixa company, which has created a story of overcoming and obstacles that has moved the public.

The actresses Laia Sorribes, Melissa Usina, Paula Quiles, Sara Canet and Cristina Maestre have been in charge of executing this work, which has musical compositions by Damián Sánchez and choreographies by Cristina Fernández.

8M manifesto

During the commemorative act of March 8, International Women's Day, an institutional declaration agreed by the Dénia Women's Council has been read. The text, read by the Councilor for Equality and Diversity and three of the women who made up the city's first women's soccer team and who will be honored next Sunday, includes, among other points, the main proposals on equality that the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces has worked this year.

The declaration begins by acknowledging that the local sphere must continue with the commitment to build an egalitarian society, which guarantees the rights of all people, as well as active participation in local life, and it is affirmed that these commitments must be reflected in the design and management of local policies that turn our societies into engines of transformation.

The declaration proposes intensifying efforts in the development of policies aimed at promoting employment, empowerment and education for equal opportunities and incorporating the gender perspective in all local activity. It also calls for the expansion of the care system for victims of all forms of sexist violence against women within the framework of the powers of local governments, advancing in the improvement of early detection systems, placing at the center of all the measures the rights of the victims and their empowerment, and attending to the recognition of the right to reparation of the victims.

After this first part, the institutional declaration has come to focus on those honored this year by the Dénia City Council: the women who made up the first women's football team in Dénia. Three of them, Maria Rosa Vives, Pepa Masiá and Rosa Fontanet, have read the continuation of the manifesto, recalling that Dénia "was, without a doubt, one of the pioneers in women's football, a historic event in 1971 and 1972, and the The team that we represent here today was part of the incorporation of women into the world of sport.”

Likewise, they have taken the opportunity to claim women's sport in the municipality and encourage all women to "actively participate". "We want to join efforts to ensure that equal opportunities between women and men are real and effective and eliminate all forms of discrimination against women and girls, and that this effort is not only made by women but by society as a whole", have added.

Finally, the manifesto recalls that today is a good time to reflect on the achievements made in recent years in terms of equality and, especially, to plan the pending challenges, without forgetting that "every day is a good opportunity to put equality into practice.

The mayor, Vicent Grimalt, has mentioned these first Dianense soccer players as a “symbol of the long road that women still travel to normalize free and equal access to sport, to any profession, to all social spheres. Because without equality between men and women -he added- we will never be able to talk about freedom: the freedom of anyone to choose their path in life without having to consider whether they want to face the challenge of becoming a heroine, a role model or a source of inspiration; the freedom of any woman to choose a profession or practice a sport from the simple personal desire to do so. «When we stop forcing women to be heroes who must continue hitting stone every day to open the way for the women of the following generations, only then can we talk about equality. Of freedom”, concluded the mayor.

  1. Dani says:

    And when is Men's Day?
    Is that perhaps not equality?
    Today is not women's day, it is the day of political interest.
    From Democratic Crusade we propose that there be a single day of gender equality, for men and women and that that day be July 25.
    To hell with 8M!

  2. treballers says:

    while I was working

    • Luis says:

      Exactly women and men working, while they are performing subsidized with public money. Interesting how feminists and associates lower their heads and remain silent before the prostitute sexual excesses of their heteropatriarchal machirulo deputies in Congress. They remain silent and consent like the best submissive wives who forgive them, claiming that "it's a man's thing." Disgusting bunch of hypocritical public life.