Minister Raquel Tamarit talks with the Dianenses and announces the Curarts project

February 28 from 2023 - 12: 59

Yesterday Compromís per Dénia celebrated a new Café Obert in the cafeteria of the House of Culture de Dénia, this time with the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Raquel Tamarit, who reviewed the main milestones and new commitments in education, as well as listened to the demands and concerns expressed by representatives of various associations.

Among the outstanding milestones, Tamarit mentioned the "exponential increase in the child bonus" and the free education for children aged 2-3 years "which is a great help for parents and a reinforcement for the network of daycare centers" . She also mentioned the network of books up to Baccalaureate; the investment in educational innovation (giving as an example the IES Sorts de la Mar, which she visited in the morning); or the commitment to Vocational Training and the increase in FP scholarships. In this sense, she gave the future CIFP Gent de Mar de Dénia as an example.

In addition, the councilor emphasized the dignification of educational centers, with more than 100 million euros of investment in educational infrastructures in the Marina Alta, such as those of the Pla Edificant or the upcoming new Music Conservatory; and to the dignification of the public school with the increase of the teaching staff.

"In the Navy we have increased the staff in educational centers by 26% compared to the previous government, which translates into greater attention, increased demand from public schools and being able to implement educational innovation projects," said Tamarit.

Looking ahead to the next legislature, Compromís proposes the universalization of education for children from 0-3 years of age, extending the Red Libros to Baccalaureate, betting on Vocational Training, increasing its scholarships and those for lunch, and continuing to dignify education and classrooms, among others.

Initiative 'Curarts, arts als hospitals'

Tamarit took advantage of the meeting to announce a new transversal initiative that will be launched in the area of ​​Culture and Health. This is 'Curarts, arts als hospitals', an “exciting project that combines culture and quality of care with which we intend to bring stable and permanent cultural programming to all Valencian public hospitals”.

The coalition is working on a program "where cinema, performing arts, music and reading enter hospitals, demonstrating that culture is the best companion for patients and relatives who spend long periods in health centers." A proposal that, as she explained, arose from the coalition act with the oncologist Anna Lluch and other participants, where the importance of culture and music in the recovery of patients was highlighted.

  1. Cesar Pino Dominguez says:

    Good morning . The political reality in Spain is that it gives the feeling that all their time is spent creating committees where they can place their co-religionists. But with hundreds of millions of budgets, whose real application never gets to appreciate the citizenship.
    I'm not saying that they don't have good intentions... But please, be practical! Analyze before announcing, what are the urgent needs.
    To the sick, I think that before enlightening and distracting them. I THINK WE HAVE TO WORK TO CURE THEM.
    Thus, that this time is destined, as well as the millions or precise amounts: TO THE MAIN FUNCTION.
    To leave healthy as soon as possible to be able to read and listen to music at ease feeling healthy.

  2. Luis says:

    When you enter a hospital, you do it for health problems and you are not here for art exhibitions or to be bullied with cultural events. Have these people never been sick?