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The Department of Education signed an agreement Apema

04 December 2014 - 00: 00

The Association for the Stimulus of Mathematics (APEMA) has signed an agreement with the Department of Education of the City of Dianense, which will receive a contribution of 1.000 euros to carry out the activities carried out by the School of Mathematics of the Marina Alta .

Pepa Sivera with Pep and Florencio Cabrera Burrell

A school that started its activities in the 2006 year and that encourages mathematics among 12 and 13 years students, through extra curriculars as indicated by its president, Pep Cabrera.

The mayor of Education, Pepa Sivera stated " from this association is taking a very important to bring mathematics to a large segment of students work and is a very interesting project that chooses the brightest students in this course".

His vice president Florencio Burrel explained " selection tests conducted among students in math highlight ending sixth grade or first of the ESO. For two years, they are taught once a week in the IES. María Ibars to enhance their skills".

At present there are forty-eight students from the region who benefit from this activity.

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