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The city and the landscapes that await us out there

30 March 2020 - 12: 31

Now we have to stay home. The Government decreed the state of alarm before the advance of the coronavirus pandemic, urging that we stay in our homes in order to curb the number of infections. It is already an obligation, allowing fewer and fewer exceptions to leave our homes, which have become a refuge from the crisis.

However, we still have the keys and from here we will leave. It is true that the walls sometimes suffocate, but the city we have known is always out there. Once we overcome this, once we open our doors, we can and should enjoy it as we have done so far. With each passing day there is less to go back to stroll through our streets.

1 Comment
  1. Juanibel says:

    Thank you for reminding us that our world is still out there waiting for us and we will meet again in it stronger and with more desire.
    Cheer up. This too shall pass.

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