The Municipal House of Culture hosts the presentation of the documentary "Valencians de Mallorca"

Event Date: March 25 2011
Event type: Movie theater
The venue : Municipal House of Culture
Opening times: 19: 00
Starters: Free
Event finished

It will be on Friday at 19 hours when the official presentation in the Marina Alta of the documentary "Valencians of Mallorca", On the repopulation of the regions of the Navy, the Safor and the Comtat by Mallorcan immigrants who now celebrate their fourth centenary.

The documentary was born as an initiative of the MACMA (Mancomunitat Cultural de la Marina Alta) and the IECMA (Institut d'Estudis Comarcals de la Marina Alta). The script has been in charge of Sergi Tarín and has been directed by Juli Esteve. "Valencians of Mallorca" It has been a co-production between Info TV and IB3, the regional television of the Balearic Islands.

1 Comment
  1. Jose Antonio Toledo Ros says:

    Dear cultural intervener.

    * - As a sculptor I am writing to you to introduce you to this artistic project, realized integrally in wood whose purpose is to show the public in spices to blind people, a cultural exhibition in the center that you direct.
    On this page you can see some of my works and press clippings.

    * - Art that can be seen in museums or galleries, and that for the blind is like having a prohibited step. With this exhibition, the blind may be able to see the exhibition with their fingers, since I can hear my works being touched.

    * - On one occasion mount an exhibition for blind people in the Museum of the River Safe Segura, Murcia and moved to the Regional Assembly in Cartagena, had great success especially for this guild somewhat forgotten because they can study art but not see it , when this prohibition touches the works of art, and the constant rubbing of the hands deteriorates the works, and if the blind can not touch, they can not appreciate the beauty of an exhibition and today the blind of the art carved in wood could enjoy.

    * - If you are interested I am willing to mount an exhibition for this special audience, the blind, among the works will be a relief of Luis Brille the inventor of the Braille alphabet, Francisco de Goya, Miguel de Cervantes, religious themes such as the last dinner and other scenes, these people will be grateful to remember them, they made me shudder to feel so praise when he was talking and talking with me, I could admire to see in his words the emotion he felt, while reading a catalog in Braille and sliding their fingers through the sculptures and reliefs, with this exhibition they also felt privileged to see the exhibition with their fingers.

    * - I hope that after the study of my proposal is taken into account and I communicate your decision I am open to any suggestions.

    Yours faithfully, I await your reply.

    José Antonio Toledo Ros

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