The Moravian captaincy relates the dream of an Amazigh girl in her rumor

August 16 from 2017 - 00: 52

La filà Amazigh Went back to the year 578 of the Hégira, in times of the Medieval Europe, in the mountains of the Riff. There, an Amazigh girl, Gloria, celebrates in her village the immediate departure for new lands, those of Hispania. When the dream takes hold of her, the rumor begins, telling how her people conquer the beautiful land of Denia.

The staging of this rumor was made possible by the participation of more than 800 people among partygoers, dancers, collaborators and musicians. The latter were particularly important thanks to the participation of some of the best formations of the Comunitat, such as the Corporació Primitiva de Alcoi or Musical Artistic Unity Band d'Ontinyent.

The first part of the rumor, divided into five, shows the Amazigh settlement. Boys and girls, percussion, the black flags and the little Gloria telling the story, accompanied by her ballet, completed the first scene.

In the second block the battle was staged, with lancers and antorcheros, the squadron of black, accompanied by the ACM d'Albaida Band, And the squad of warriors next to the AGM Cabuts Band. Diplomacy arrived in the third block with the carriage of the Hall of Mirrors in which the ambassador of this year paraded. Behind her, the battalion of sages and rabbis and the chariot of the Islamic Culture gave way to the squadron of the guardians of the customs Amazigh, that paraded with the band Els Dessiguidats.

The fourth block was led by the standard bearer, Salvador Gil, who was preceded by two dromedaries, the ballet of Beautiful Caid And the Band of Music of Oliva. Before his carriage, the squadron escorted to the sound of the music of the Corporació Primitiva de Alcoi.

The rumor of the Christian captaincy of the filam Amazigh ended with the arrival of the captain, MªJosé López Abellán, on a spectacular carriage, accompanied by the He joined Artistic Musical d'Ontinyent. Along with her, they paraded the components of escort escort and ballet Linga-Oba With the percussion group Colla.

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