The candidate EU-ER-Els Verds Jesus Pobre promises more money to prevent forest fires

09 2015 April - 13: 22

The candidate for mayor of Jesus Pobre by the coalition Acord Ciutadà (EU-Esquerra Republicana-Els Verds-Guanyem Dénia), Patricia Miñana, presented on Thursday the main points of his election program among which highlighted increased budgetary allocation for prevention forest fires and repairing rural roads.

Patricia Miñana (Acord Ciutadà)

Miñana, who plays in Esquerra Republicana, revealed that his campaign slogan is "Jesus Poor has a life of his own". The candidate, who lives in the city for seven years, said that the priorities of Esquerra in Jesus Pobre are preventing forest fires with a higher budget to provide the area of ​​increased vigilance and thus avoid "Whatever happened last May that 90 hectares were burned" at It montgó. Regarding the repair of roads, he put special interest in the route to the millenary olive tree.

Other points highlighted program was to eliminate "abusive constructions so that the Paratge del Pinaret does not happen"Or increase the number of times the bus passes by the population. The candidate also called for encouraging citizen participation, boost 21 Agenda, creating a network of exchange between sustainable peoples, to support farmers and create an appellation of origin of their products, explore the creation of a land bank and increase the cleaning the days match the Mercat del riurau i Fira de Brocanters. He also had an impact on free public education, review the signs of the people and promote the Valencian language made language exchanges with foreign residents.

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