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The absence of fireworks does not diminish devotion to the 'Geperudeta'

May 09 from 2016 - 13: 19

Despite the decision of the Fishermen's not throw the traditional fireworks display in honor of his patron, the Mare de Deu dels Desemparats, the procession of the Geperudeta She was fraught with devotion and affection for the image that traditionally cares for fishermen.

With a few minutes late he started the tour with the output image of your home, the Church of San Antonio. The first to open the procession were the Júniors , and after them dozens of children who this year have taken communion accompanied by their parents and relatives. The mayoralesas preceded the image of the virgin, carried on shoulders by the bearers of the Comissió de Festes de la Mare de Deu. Your president, Paco Arnau, Directed the steps of the image through the streets of the fishing quarter.

Procession of the Mare de Deu dels Desemparats - Calle Pont

They escorting the image from behind were representatives of the Church, of different religious organizations in the city and the two dianenses parties: the Moors and Christians and failures. To close, as usual, Artistic Musical Agrupació de Dénia put the musical accompaniment.

On their way through the Marist school, a shower of petals fell on the image while some students sang a song in his honor. After crossing the street Foramur, on arrival at Pont Street they awaited him of charges Baix la Mar failsWhich they were presented to the Virgin with a bouquet of flowers. With the image already in port, the ships began to sound, stronger this year than ever, to compensate for the absence of fireworks.

A small communion dress was responsible for depositing a bouquet of flowers at the foot of the sculpture tribute to fishermen, when the party took to divert his usual way and bring the image of the Virgin ships from the rear of the old fish market. When the image came to the junction point between the port and the Calle Marques de Campo, Carriers turned to look at the sea and sounded the hymn of the Mother of God. Then, for the first time, petals and confetti launched through large canyons prepared for the occasion.

Procession of the Mare de Deu dels Desemparats - port

Finally, the procession marched by Marqués de Campo until Cándida Carbonell Street to reach the Plaza del Convento, where again the porters turned the image to return home, the Church of San Antonio, overlooking the village.

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  1. Pedro Ivars Ivars says:

    I think the Juniors who opened the procession were the Parish of San Antonio. Do not Assumption, and do them.

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