The AEMET activates the orange alert in Dénia

January 21 from 2021 - 11: 52

The State Meteorological Agency has activated the orange alert throughout the north coast of the province of Alicante for Friday, both on land and at sea. The adverse weather conditions during that day will cause a risk significant enough for the entity to have warned with that level.

According to the forecast of the AEMET, the gusts of wind will reach 90 kilometers per hour in Dénia, coming from the west and northwest, between 6 in the morning and 6 in the afternoon on Friday 22. This will be followed by a couple of hours where the warning goes down to yellow level since the gusts will be 70 kilometers per hour. The wind is expected to subside at night.

Also on the Dianense coast the yellow alert has been activated for 16:00 on Friday, when the wind will blow with force 7 of component, also, west and northwest. This will last until the next morning, around 09:00.

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