Juan Sancho alert receivership in the city from January if no action is taken

28 September 2011 - 10: 47

Suspension of payments as of January of 2012. So strong was the spokesman of the PSD, Juan Sancho, after 4 months in opposition to the government has spoken about the economic situation that crosses the city of Dénia.

Sancho has warned that if strong and real action is taken, from January next year the City of Denia only be able to pay the salaries of officials and enter into receivership providers.

According to calculations of the PSD, the local council has some unrealistic budgets, as finally going to need about 15 million-a 25% of the total budget to meet all payments to come, including judgments against and state taxes. Because it all budgets that "They are not based on the reality we are living, they are based on a reality that is too optimistic, especially in the income section."

The PSD proposes call for an extraordinary plenary session with a single point on the agenda: the creation of a viability plan in which government and opposition to work together to contribute ideas to improve and save the situacón.

  1. the Virginian says:

    ¿But what world you live, Moon ???. Still do you think the story of Little Red Riding Hood ?, you do not realize that all the lies that have been said about the squandering that made Juan Sancho, went to shake it off ahead of the elections. The proof is that one month after his dismissal, the government team diverted money left in the coffers of the council to other tasks required.
    The reality is that the management insolvency of Ana, the only thing that is demonstrating is its uselessness in front of the mayor of Denia, giving all the power to the overbearing Pepa, who only knows how to do things by squandering, has not yet made a work without economic gap! so that it is she who leads us to bankruptcy with the passivity of Ana. Do a great favor to Denia and get away! a detail: I heard that Pepa has already paid 2 millions of euros to the drafting team of the General Plan for making a Previous Concert that is not necessary, and they say that it is approved, when according to the Psoe, it is not yet approved.
    If they don't come down from the clouds and agree on a way out of the crisis, I don't know where we're going to get ...

  2. Luna says:

    It seems a shame that Juan Sancho be able to create this alarm. Fair, that he left shaking the Department of Culture and Youth. In fact, many bills that pass through the ICO line are its management.
    If what you say is not met, he would have to resign for political hygiene. You can not go through life so far and saying that council workers will not charge this month. That said a worker illustrious Mr.

  3. Obdulia says:

    Let's see ... There is no one who understands ... Waste after waste for years and years…. Subsidies to "troche y moche". Beautiful planters with very expensive plants and bonsai, which are not even maintained afterwards. Sidewalks and streets lifted and remodeled, some unnecessary. Works that last long months, very expensive, to later check the atrocities that have been made. Parties and more parties of which a large part of the expenses are subsidized. the aesthetics are very beautiful, yes, but what you have to do is keep what has been done and not undo to redo, when there are no funds and in times of crisis ...
    There are priority, necessary things that have to prevail over the aesthetics of a City; health, education, security, employment, for this the municipalities receive aid from the central government in addition to our municipal taxes ...

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