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José Iborra: «In the United Kingdom, the most worrying is the lack of access to healthcare»

22 March 2020 - 00: 41

In Spain we are learning little by little everything that happens in this crisis that has caused the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to the media, the internet and, above all, to that great social network that we had left aside: the neighborhood that now looks out on their balconies.


But we certainly lack information on how other countries are coping with the situation. For this reason, in Dénia.com we have decided to carry out a series of interviews with dianenses who currently reside, for different reasons, abroad.

Today we bring you closer to the situation of one of the countries that has been most marked by its controversial apathy that they initially showed: the United Kingdom. We speak with José Iborra, a Dianense computer engineer who currently resides in the capital of England, who clears doubts about what comes to us from the British Isles.

QUESTION. How is the situation in your country?

ANSWER. Similary. Fewer infections but same measures to stop expansion.

Q. What measures have been carried out so far? What do you think of these measures and what do you think of how they have been managed?

R. Isolation of the population, remote work, cancellation of events, closing of schools, minimum service in transport ...

The management and measures seem reasonable, for the most part voluntary. What seems a little more worrisome is the lack of access to public health, as all visits have been converted into phone calls.

Q. Do the people there comply with them? How do they behave in the face of the situation?

R. Being at home is difficult to say in general, but at least all the people I know are meeting them.

Q. How are you living there and being away from home?

R. I am fine, except that we have dropped the internet cable and the technician does not come until next week. But with 4G we manage.

Q. What do you know about what is happening in Spain? What news do you get?

R. News of isolation come through the family, like here. No drama at the moment.

  1. Manoli rye via 27 says:

    Hello, here we are in a house keeping the quarantine. And thanks to the Hostal Comercio, the quarantine makes us happy with its music. We are gladly waiting for the 8 o'clock to give us a pleasant time thanks to Rosa and Sergio and Diana who care about entertaining us. Thank you

  2. Rafa Colecha says:

    Hi, my name is Rafa, I'm from Denia but I've been living in Berlin for 13 years.
    If you need any information about the situation of the Corona Virus in Germany, we can talk!


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