scientific conference on the fight against the red palm weevil

06 September 2010 - 23: 24

During Tuesday morning, the City Council has organized in Dénia House Iryda at Natural Park Montgó a meeting aimed at technicians and professionals to discuss new methods for detecting and treating the weevil.

The opening of the day will be at 9: 30, and give way to a talk about the protocols and methods of pest eradication by Lola Fort, technical engineer of City Hall.

At 10.30 hours, researchers at the Polytechnic University and the Miguel Hernández University, Antonio Martí and Manuel Pérez Malumbres, together with the representative of the company WSNVAL, will present a new acoustic detection system. At the 11.30 hours, by the University of Alicante, Luis Vicente López-Llorca and Berenice Güerri, researchers of the Phytopathology Laboratory and partners of Glen Biotech, will present methods for biological control.

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