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Conference on gender violence at the Hospital de Dénia

Event Date: December 04 2017
Event type: Talk / conference
The venue : Dénia Hospital
Starters: Free
Event finished

The Department of Health of Denia organizes, next December 4, a talk by Consuelo Catalá and David Calatayud to explain the Report of the Ombudsman on the Care and Protection of Women Victims of Gender Violence in the Valencian Community in 2017

The report has been prepared by the Sindicatura de Greuges, in which Consuelo Catalá and David Calatayud have actively participated. The document points out the lack of material and human resources to address cases of gender violence and the lack of coordination between organizations. 94 includes recommendations for public institutions, among them, it asks the Ministry of Health to implant the medical report of Alleged Gender Violence via online so that, in almost real time, the courts can activate the protection protocol to the victim.

Commission gender violence of the Department of Health of Dénia

In the Dénia Department of Health, the Guarantee Commission for the protection of victims of gender violence was created during 2017. The members that make up the commission are: Corpus Gómez (Head of Human Resources Development), Luis Miguel Cardó (Head of Selection), Aroa Gandia (Occupational Risk Prevention Technician), Alicia Canet (Human Resources Selection Technician), Mónica Mera (representative CCOO), Maria Tro (Representative UGT), Mª Carmen Sanchis (Representative USAE) and Mª Pilar Rodríguez (Representative SATSE).

The Department of Health Dénia considered victims of gender violence to all working women to provide documentation of any competent body of public administration or the Center for Women, without necessarily is accredited by a protection order or report from the Public Ministry.

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