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Jessica Romero de Ludai launches Albertys, the ideal footwear firm for people with functional diversity

24 2020 April - 10: 27

With great enthusiasm and after two years of work, Albertys is born, a comfortable and quality footwear firm mainly intended for people with functional diversity. Jessica Romero, from the Ludai Association, has started this project with great enthusiasm and with the aim of doing something more for children with functional diversity. "I have always had it in front of me because of my son's case and finally I dared to do something that benefits them," explains the creator of Albertys.

Jessica Romero is very grateful for all the people who have helped her in the process of creating the brand, from the help for the initiation phase with Franc Beneyto, to the marketing team that has worked with her since the project was launched. . Romero carried out an exhaustive study of the market and discovered that there were no other firms in Spain dedicated to this type of footwear, so he decided to launch Albertys. The reception of the first model is so high that they have already received an order from Germany.

The firm has the social purpose of giving visibility to the regional associations that support all these children, so that "the work behind it all is valued and seen," Jessica Romero explains. He also tells us that "the brand will not only be for people with functional diversity, but it will be adapted for everyone."

The first Albertys Shoes model has great stability and support, is very easy to put on and has a modern aesthetic. It is reinforced by the heel part to better hold insoles or splints and has a rigid and breathable sole. At the moment, they have the model in black and red and sizes from 31 to 40, although they are already working on 30 and 41.

Thanks Albertys Shoes

Jessica Romero, creator of the firm, wanted to dedicate a few words to all the people who have been part of the process of creating Albertys in this link

For more information, visit their website albertys.es

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