Jaume Donderis "my wish is that all participants leave the Dénia Triathlon satisfied"

May 22 from 2014 - 08: 00

Jaume Donderis He has spent two years as chairman of Multiesport Club Marina AltaOrganizer X Dénia City Triathlon which will take place this Saturday in the capital of the Marina Alta. Like the other fellow club is living a really hectic days before the event.

Jaime Donderis with fellow Multiesport Club Marina Alta

What's new in this issue regarding the above?

Are basically three. The first is that the output of the swimming segment will from within the water. Water at the waist, it will not be from the beach. The second is that the pit area will be located in the large parking of Marina Denia and the third is that the run will be one lap to avoid bent in the area of ​​Marineta walk.

What level of participants expect?

More or less we are on very even 300 a figure the previous year. Does not match any other triathlon this mode sprint although one that it will take place on Sunday but much longer.

For people who started in this sport, does the sprint mode is most appropriate?

I sincerely believe that yes, since the distances are affordable, are 750 meter swim, 20 5.500 kilometers cycling and running meters they are available to minimally trained people. People have the opportunity to taste and experience tells me that many engage in this sport.

¿What things has improved the organization with respect to the previous edition?

Let's try the exit from inside the sea, since there were complaints last year. What I have commented previously on the race on foot and, above all, I have placed a lot of emphasis on the delivery of trophies being done much faster. We cannot wait more than an hour to do it, that caused us to leave most of the participants. This is not going to happen this year.

Will there be many dianenses participants?

Few of our club, the truth, because they will be on organizational tasks, but there will be people who will debut Dénia in the test. At least 10 15 to whether they will be and of course a lot of people in the region. winter work we have done especially on the issue of swimming where the relationship with swimmers from other municipalities has given its results note.

What is your wish regarding this test?

Honestly it is that all participants leave satisfied and want to be with us. Mounting a test like this is very expensive and we tried to do my best. I also want to take this opportunity to invite everyone here to come and see it, it is free and it sure will have a great time. I hope on Saturday at 17 hours in the area of ​​the Marina Denia.

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