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Useful information for the citizens of Dénia on the alert of the coronavirus

14 March 2020 - 10: 00

The Dénia City Council has disseminated this information following the postponement of the Fallas for the coronavirus health alert. It affects several important areas in daily life:

  • SCHOOLS: From Monday, March 16, teaching activity is suspended at all educational levels (Universities, Baccalaureate, Secondary and Early Childhood Education, Kindergartens, Vocational Training ...) indefinitely, both in public and private and concerted centers.
  • FAILURES: all acts of Fallas 2020 are suspended, according to the Government of the Generalitat.
  • CULTURE HOUSE AND TEATRE AUDITORI: from Friday March 13 the House of Culture and the auditorium of the Social Center of Dénia are closed indefinitely to the public.
  • LIBRARIES: from March 13, the Municipal Library and the Baix la Mar Reading Agency will be closed to the public indefinitely.
  • MUSEUMS AND CASTLE: from Friday March 13, the Museu de la Mar, Museu del Joguet, Museu Etnològic and Museu Arqueològic, as well as the Dénia castle are closed to the public indefinitely
  • MUNICIPAL FILE: from Friday March 13, the Municipal Archive of Dénia is closed indefinitely to the public.
  • STREETS: Marqués de Campo street will be opened to traffic to avoid crowds on March 14, 15, 19, 20, 21 and 22, days that it was scheduled to close.
  • TOURISM OFFICES: from March 13 the tourist information offices in Dénia (pl.del Consell and pl. Oculista Buigues) are closed to the public indefinitely.
  • MARKETS: On Friday, March 20, a local holiday, the Municipal Mercat will open and the fruit and vegetable markets of Magallanes Street and the market / trail of Torrecremada will be held.
  • CLASSROOMS OF THE THIRD AGE: activities are suspended, for now, until March 23. There will also be no dancing on Sundays at the Social Center.
  • SPORT FOR ADULTS: Currently suspended until Monday, March 23.
  • SPORTS CENTER AND TENNIS CLUB: closure of the Aqualia Sports Center facilities and the Dénia Tennis Club from Friday March 13 indefinitely.
  • YOUTH ACTIVITIES (Llunàtics, Dinàmics i Artístics): Currently suspended until Monday, March 23.
  • CULTURAL EVENTS: all cultural events organized by the Dénia City Council scheduled between today, March 12, and Monday, March 23 are suspended.
  • SPORTS SCHOOLS: the activity of all municipal sports schools is suspended without date.

These measures cater to:

City Council Circular COVID-19
Decree 4/2020, of March 10
The following recommendations to be applied by the City Councils are sent, including:
➡ Determine the especially vulnerable elements.
➡ Know the means and resources of the municipality.
➡ Study the situation in which are the essential services for the functioning of the municipality as well as the state of provision of basic supplies and other essential services.

Follow the recommendations on prevention in the official website of the Department of Health. And if you have doubts, you can call 900 300 555 to assess your situation.

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