Inés Alacreu makes history in Saladar as Fallera Mayor of the fiftieth anniversary

January 16 from 2016 - 02: 38

2016 go down in history of the Saladar fails as the year of its fiftieth anniversary, and the story of the young Inés Alacreu as the major faller of this important faller event. And with the importance it deserves, the commission celebrated its 50 birthday in the company of hundreds of people who in one way or another have been part of that history.

Under the title ThenThe presentation of the Saladar failure was a tribute to the commission today realizes life on the fault, while praised the figure of the highest representative of the fiftieth anniversary, Inés Alacreu.

About thirty Falleras shared the stage with stars of the night. The first to climb, President 2016, José Vicente Cholbi, and then, the faller. His brother was asked to go on stage the band faller, which was imposed by the chairman of the committee.

34 2016 Saladar Presentation - Imposition of band

Then Ines was visited by entities and individuals who wanted to show their love in a special night. The first, Samantha and Nuria Carbonell Fornes, senior and president of last year that took the opportunity to say goodbye to his year faller. Behind them they rose the children charges of failure, Itziar and Raul and a very special visit, the first faller Commission Flor Rosa Grimalt Perello, with 14 years held the position in the year 1967. Agnes also was visited Christian captain, Enrique Arbona; Pedro Lanza representing the Comissió of Festes de la Mare de Deu; Councilwoman parties, Eva Round; and the faller of Denia, Marina Margalejo.

But big emotions were still to come for Agnes. His aunt was in charge of exaltation, remembering the little girl playing in the neighborhood and wanted to be faller of the Saladar fails. An exaltation which was completed with the performance of the Scout group to which it belongs Ines, who sang an emotional song that managed to mourn on the faller.

55 2016 Saladar Presentation - Boy Scouts Group

Finally, José Vicente and Ines addressed a few words to the public. The president took the opportunity to invite everyone to Paseo del Saladar in March, and the faller had words of affection and gratitude to all who have been and are at your side.

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