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Hotels closed and waiting for measures: "We hope that when this is over we will all be there"

27 March 2020 - 01: 00

Cancellation of reservations, maintenance and surveillance. Those are the only activities that many of the hotels in Dénia and the Marina Alta are carrying out.

The order that the Ministry of Health published on March 19 has already entered into force, which declared the suspension of opening of tourist accommodation establishments to the public in the face of the state of alarm by COVID-19. This affects hotels and similar accommodation, tourist accommodation and other short-stay accommodation, campsites, caravan parks and other similar establishments, located anywhere in the national territory. But Remedios Cerdà, general secretary of AEHTMA, the Association of Hospitality and Tourism Entrepreneurs of the Marina Alta, points out that many of the hotels in Dénia and in the region have been closed since before, "for responsibility with the health of employees and customers". In fact, as Remedios Cerdà explains, "Before the closure was decreed we already saw the danger: in February, from AEHTMA we sent messages to hotels to review their insurance, thinking about what could happen".

Economic measures for hospitality entrepreneurs

This Royal Decree allows employers to apply for ERTEs due to force majeure. How does the situation feel? "If there are no clients there is no work", answers Remedios Cerdà. There are more than 400 companies, between hotels and hotels, waiting for economic measures and that this will go back as soon as possible: "What we want is that when this is over we will all be there", says the AEHTMA general secretary. The association is providing all the information on financial aid and measures to its associates, sharing immediately by WhatsApp any new official regulations, to support them in their decisions.

What deadlines are handled

The big question is when will all this end? From AEHTMA they hope that the second half of May the hoteliers can start to get going, always prioritizing the safety of people. “At the beginning of June at the most”Cerdá points out.

Hotels 100% available for emergency

All the hotels in Dénia and the Marina Alta have made their facilities available to the health emergency. According to Remedios Cerdà, "We are 100% available so that, as needed, the hotels are medicalized". Right now, they are already lending their material, such as the tray cars transferred to the Santa Llúcia Nursing Home. They are also lending sheets or event material. Non-perishable food has also been delivered for solidarity to supply those who need it most. Several hotel businessmen with whom Dénia.com contacts confirm that they are available for the needs that arise: José Martí, owner of the MR Hoteles chain, explains that "The Denia hospital You already know that we are available to house the toilets, so that they do not go home and avoid the risk for their families. We are waiting for them to need us. ” Ana Betlem Castellano, manager of Noguera Mar Hotel, explains that its facilities are at the disposal of the health authorities from the first moment of this crisis. "We are going to learn a lot from this situation", says Castilian.

A message of hope: "We are going to come out stronger"

The impressions that AEHTMA is collecting from its associates are very responsible: "There is no one who has opposed the closure." In addition, the association is contacting training companies so that they take advantage to train and emerge stronger from this crisis. According to the general secretary of the hoteliers, "When this is over, people are going to be crazy to enjoy, to live, which is what we know how to do in Dénia."

  1. Carmen (Tasca La Carme) says:

    My most sincere condolences to the family of Benjamin Pastor. , a benchmark in the hospitality sector, rest in Paz ..

    • Pedro says:

      My name was Pedro, I had known Benjamin and his family for 50 years. Every afternoon at 3 o'clock after leaving work; We were at the bar. Greetings to Salvador Sancho and company. I am sorry for Benjamin's passing. Greetings and my feelings to the DEP family. PEDRO Greetings

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