HLA San Carlos will gradually recover interventions and consultations after exceeding the peak of COVID-19

28 2020 April - 10: 14

Hospital HLA San Carlos It works on the design of new protocols and healthcare processes to recover normal activity in its centers, as the health emergency caused by the extension of COVID-19 is gradually overcome.

The return to the activity to attend pathologies not related to COVID-19 will always be done in accordance with the criteria and rules established by the health authorities of the Valencian Community, and will begin with the scheduling of the most urgent and non-delayed tests and interventions. In all cases, the priority will be to ensure the safety and health protection of both patients and staff working in the HLA Group hospitals and medical centers.

In this sense, the centers will have new healthcare processes that allow establishing safe circuits for patients, paying special attention to the vulnerable and risk population. In addition, safe and controlled accesses of patients to the centers will be established, spaces will be differentiated for patients with COVID-19 and for patients with other types of pathologies, and the necessary controls and follow-ups will continue to be carried out to guarantee the health and safety of personnel. health, to which prevalence studies will be carried out.

In the event of a rebound in the pandemic, the HLA Group hospitals will have the necessary plans and protocols in place, within a maximum period of 72 hours, to readjust their activities and only attend to cases of COVID-19, always in coordination with the health authorities.

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