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HLA San Carlos incorporates a stem cell treatment to prevent amputations

06 September 2019 - 14: 41

Arterial ischemia is caused by a decrease in blood supply in some part of the body, especially in the legs. It produces a lot of pain and “it is an urgent problem that often leads to loss of the limb, and is associated with high mortality due to complications derived from amputation,” says Dr. León Donoso, specialist in HLA Vascular Surgery. Saint Charles. It has been demonstrated that the use of a concentrate of stem cells obtained from the bone marrow can be effective for the treatment of patients with severe cases of arterial insufficiency. The HLA San Carlos hospital is the only one in Dénia that performs this novel technique.

Image: Stem cell treatment to prevent amputations - HLA San Carlos

Until now, ischemia was treated by giving blood to the leg through a bypass or an stent. When a patient did not have a positive evolution with these treatments, attempts were made to avoid amputation using vasodilator medications and rheological agents.

Stem cell therapies are postulated as an alternative with good results. Dr. Donoso states that stem cells promote the creation of new arteries that give the patient an improvement in blood circulation, relieve pain and enable them to walk. In that sense, so that the arteries continue to develop and prevent amputation, the best stimulus is to walk, and control other risk factors such as cholesterol, high blood pressure and smoking.

This procedure with stem cells is performed in the operating room, lasts approximately one hour, and requires spinal anesthesia or sedation. There are usually no complications and the patient can be discharged the same day.

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