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Heroes working relentlessly: the day to day of Fran Marín, pharmaceuticals delivery man

25 March 2020 - 00: 15

The confinement to stop the coronavirus epidemic has forced a large part of the national economy to stop, but there are still professionals whose work is essential these days. In addition to the already recognized work of health personnel, on the front line fighting against COVID-19, or that of supermarket workers, heroes almost without intending it, there are also other professionals who have no choice but to go out on the street every day. , among them the distributors of pharmaceutical products.

This is the case of Fran Marín, a distributor of pharmacies in the area, who tells us how his work has changed in the last month: “I dedicate myself to distributing only to pharmacies, but in recent days they are asking us to supply hospitals and laboratories… After working 8 hours, we are having to do up to 13 hours so that the material arrives as soon as possible ”.

Increased alcohol orders to prepare homemade disinfectant gels

Although not all the material expected is expected, as Marín comments, "masks have not arrived for almost a week, gels have been there" but he highlights that "they are asking us for a lot of alcohol because people are trying to make their own disinfectant gels".

Luckily the protection measures came from the first moment to your company. "Since this situation began every day they give us a new mask and gloves and we have a disinfectant gel to use every time we enter and leave a pharmacy," he tells us.

Before respect, now fear

Until now Fran admits that "you felt respect but not fear of contagion." However, things have changed a bit in the past few days. "This week for the first time I have felt fear because one of the pharmacies where I deliver every day is closed and all its equipment is in quarantine."

In addition, he warns that "young people are much more aware of the situation than older people" and adds, "there is not a day that I do not meet older people in pharmacies going for their medications."

The situation is extreme but his work is essential. Without them, the distributors of pharmaceutical products would not receive disinfectant masks, gloves or gels at pharmacies, hospitals and laboratories, essential material so that the coronavirus does not continue to spread.

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