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Up to € 10.000 fine to a Dianense boat for fishing a bluefin tuna without authorization

26 June 2020 - 10: 49

On Monday, June 22, the Maritime Service of the Alicante Civil Guard denounced two pleasure boats, one from Dénia and the other from Xàbia, for having committed an alleged infraction in the area of ​​fishing for species subject to special protection.

In the inspections, which were carried out at sea, between the ports of Xàbia and Dénia, it was detected that bluefin tuna had been caught, a species whose fishing is only allowed on very specific dates (the closure was opened on Tuesday, June 16 and it had been closed since October 15 of last year 2019) and, for its capture to be legal, a special authorization must be previously requested from the Ministry of the Environment, which only authorizes, in addition, the capture of two copies per license (for boat).
In order to account for these two catches, it is necessary to make a prior notice, in turn, to the General Secretariat of Fisheries, a notice that, sometimes, is not done in order to continue catching tuna without exhausting the established maximum quota of two.

In the case of the Dénia boat, it did not have a tuna fishing authorization or any other class, so the offense incurred is even more serious, being punished with a fine ranging from 5.000 to the 10.000 euros.

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