Archaeological remains found in Dénia among marine debris

06 June 2023 - 13: 46

The Marine Environmental and Fisheries Service of the Dénia City Council, the Fishermen's Association and Pavasal, the concessionaire company in terms of cleaning beaches and coasts, collaborated to celebrate the third edition of the marine clean-up 'Divers for the environment' this past weekend.

The voluntary action to collect waste and garbage on the Dianense coast and seabed managed to remove 120 kilos of garbage from the waters between the two breakwaters, between Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 June. Indra's group of 50 volunteers toured the coasts collecting waste, while specialized teams were in charge of cleaning the seabed. This year, the areas of action have been the area for anchoring boats in the north of the Port of Dénia, the North and South breakwaters and the Marineta Beach Cassiana.

The collected rubbish will be saved for subsequent environmental campaigns, such as the one carried out in October with the installation of a sculpture made from scrap metal to raise awareness among citizens and visitors and the distribution of brooms made from recycled plastic from previous campaigns.

Archaeological finds

The volunteers found archaeological remains on the seabed along with the debris, such as remains of amphora and pipettes. These are already in the facilities of the Archeology area of ​​the Dénia City Council.

The department, with the collaboration of the Center for Underwater Archeology of the Generalitat Valenciana, will carry out the relevant dating and identification work on the objects.

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