22 March 2023 - 12: 53

According to article 47 of the Spanish Constitution "all Spaniards have the right to have a decent and adequate home and are attributed to the public power the obligation to promote the necessary conditions and establish the pertinent norms for this right to be effective" .

Young people in Dénia, as in many other cities, are faced with an increasingly alarming problem: the difficulty of accessing affordable and adequate habitat for our needs. This situation is especially complicated for those who seek to become independent for the first time, and similar to our labor and economic situation, as we see difficulties in accessing the increasingly competitive real estate market and car.

If our housing center is in Dénia, we are in a very complicated situation due to the increase in tourism and the demand for second residences. Many of the houses that were made available to reach affordable prices for tourism, which led to a reduction in the offer of houses for young people.

If we return to article 47 of the Spanish Constitution, in the first part it says "all Spaniards have the right to have decent and adequate housing" and in the second part "s'attributes to public power the obligation to promote the conditions necessary and establish the pertinent norms for this right to be effective”. In a hypothetical world, it would be perfect to say that the one who gave the right is complint, but unfortunately it is not there.

Today, the young people of Dénia who want to become independent and build their life project in the city cannot bear it, not due to lack of desire, but because the administrations have not apostatized for us the most plausible road to be able to facilitate-nos eixe dret that "it is suposa" that all the Spanish have.

The most prosperous administration and the one that can help is the local one, in the case of our city, the City Council is more focused on tourism, gastronomy and the promotion of the city abroad, i He leaves behind one of the problems that most worries young people: access to decent housing.

Since Compromís The one that we propose is, among others, the creation of aids destined to young people to finance part of the convertible, the inn in Marcha of a program because the Town Hall will bring habitatges buits and al mateix temps will reach people with lack of resources or col·lectius with difficult access, or the purchase of houses to incorporate them into the public park. Així mateix, caldria regularize the tourist apartments and finish with illegal convertible practices.

We know that these measures do not solve the structural problem that the city had regarding access to a habitat, but at the short terminus, this problem will be palliated and many young people with whom they go nàixer and creixer to the city could return to live and build his life project. Però mentre això no passe, haurem de viure lluny de les nostres families i de la nostra ciutat, la nostra Dénia.

Sergi Alemany, number 7 on the Compromís per Dénia list

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  1. Ignacio says:

    Looking for votes. They will never put an end to tourist speculation because they are the first to be interested in it. This "xiquet" has a fixed house, more than one insurance and at this rate a lifetime salary to continue destroying society and the lives of others with lies and false promises just like the rest of "his political colleagues."