Dénia Guanyem claims that the General Plan will stall if mortgage the future of the city

February 17 from 2015 - 16: 35

Dénia Guanyem not want the General Structural Plan approved Dénia "If I mortgage the future of the city and threaten the territory."

This has been stressed in a statement denouncing what the city really needs "more than new occupation of the territory, it is the culmination and completion of an innumerable catalog of structural deficiencies such as sanitation, waste, sidewalks, pluvial, wired or streets."

From Guanyem Dénia ask urbanism "more democratic" and change the urban model to achieve Dénia "Kinder, greener and less polluted".

In its statement asking to be put in value the historical heritage and serves to enhance work quality and value to the city.

Therefore, from Guanyem Dénia they claim that any regulatory activity planning will stall for the people to have the opportunity to decide democratically the future of the city and Orchard Dénia.

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  1. Alfada says:

    If man, every new partidillo that calls out the opposite of what is being done all to stand out and be noticed but real solutions put anything at all they say is what we all love to hear.
    Come to approve things at once and do not interrupt them but already smells.

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