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Grimalt: «New political patch with a view to municipal elections»

August 20 from 2014 - 12: 37

The leader of the Socialists of Dénia, Vicent Grimalt, ha explicado esta mañana en rueda de prensa que el ayuntamiento de Dénia ha presentado ante Consellería de Territorio, Infraesctrucuturas y Medio Ambiente el nuevo proyecto de ronda circunvalatoria de la ciudad "a espaldas de los ciudadanos y sin tener aprobado el Plan General de Urbanismo", ha remarcado.

The Socialists call this act a "new political patch" for the future of the city, "a plan with a view to the next municipal elections."


Need for Urban Planning in Dénia

Grimalt has once again insisted on the need to approve, definitively, the General Plan of the city that Kringe and Font have been promising since they came to power in 2008. For this reason, has announced that the socialist group will submit a motion demanding that the City of Dénia not process this type of plans until the General Plan of the city is approved.

Without analyzing in detail the project, the leader of the Socialists Denia has questioned the lack of connection round with the port, since it ends at the beginning of the road of Marine, and other aspects that are unclear in the plan exposed on the website of the Ministry.

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