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Grimalt: "the participatory process of the PP-CU is a toast to the sun"

22 October 2013 - 00: 00

Last week the city council of Dénia announced that it had opened a process by which citizens could choose Why invest in something more than 8 million of Trust Plan de la Generalitat, initially aimed at the creation of the auditorium La Nau.

Now, after this announcement, the Socialists of Dénia they have spoken and been its spokesperson, Vicent Grimalt who has ensured that the coalition PP-CU "no está del lado de los ciudadanos, ya que no les importa ni su opinión, ni su participación en temas importantes para el desarrollo de nuestra ciudad”.


Grimalt has pointed out that the procedure chosen by the PP-CU is “a toast in the sun” facing the gallery, since there are many fringes and ambiguities regarding the consultation (not the entire population has access to the network, it is not guaranteed that only the citizens of Dénia, etc.) participate, who imply that we are facing a "paripé" of the PP-CU to make the citizens believe that they have made a citizen consultation.

As highlighted by the Socialist spokesman, "It is regrettable that the participatory process will have put into operation a few days before the deadline to communicate to the Government the new list of projects that replace Nau, which means that since reported them the procedure to change the fate of the Plan Trust projects in late July have not done their job. "

The socialist leader has demanded the mayor of Dénia, Ana KringeThat is more rigorous and consistent with the processing of the grant of the Plan Trust 7.736.251 because the stakes possible future investments in the city.

  1. Josema says:

    What I needed to hear. The solution is for the local agenda to choose the projects, right?
    Of course, 50 people who choose what we can all choose.
    I think the subject is more than clear.
    They are not satisfied and all they do is criticize. With all the security measures in place, I very much doubt that it can be manipulated.
    Is incredible.

    • JP says:

      What Jose says is entirely true, and neither is pirating
      computer or anything like that. What the website of the local agenda
      21 only serve as survey and would never represent what
      really think most, and least of dianenses as it is
      open to everyone, you can call never consulted
      citizen, as much global consultation. Anyone with a
      anonimo browser, for instance, the TOR browser (you can
      Notified by Google, it is completely legal and you can install
      in 2 minutes), you can access countless times to the survey and vote
      whenever you want because this browser generates a different IP
      each time you connect to without skipping any system
      security or anything like that because I repeat that it is totally
      legal. You can ask any computer.

  2. Joseph says:

    The truth is that if it's a big paripe. And there are several ways to tell:

    1º - In my house are 3 people, like me vote once my partner and can not be because the IP that connection is registered. Great paripe.

    2º - A cousin of a friend of my sister-in-law who lives in La Coruna, vote the other day ... why this person has to decide what I want for my city? Great paripe.

    3º - And this is the best of all (Grandioso paripe): Talking to a neighbor of the subject told me that there are browsers on the Internet that hide your IP and whenever you browse through them, they do it with a different IP and untraceable (and it is not illegal!). In 10 minutes saw as a vote on the page until 5 times and each time it did, the web accepted it and added their votes. Who tells me that anyone else with nothing to do one afternoon passed by voting the entire 10 you like best? Well what a beautiful view ...

    Well, that's as if in the municipal elections came people from Gandia to vote the mayor of Denia, or I would go to the polls with a different mask every time and vote 15 times, well, right?

    Well, as you said PEPA, as there is no such money was not held anything here see, and says the name of the plan: con-BAIL

    • Pepa says:

      Dear JOSE, what "mistrust" yours, be glad that at least your comments are published!

      When you want, I'll explain how it works Citizen Participation in Denia, this really is the superlative of all paripés!

  3. Pepa says:

    This time I agree with you, but do not alter so much: as I said before, these funds no longer exist, I bet whatever. The "paripé" is even bigger: they make us believe that we participate, with non-existent funds, wasting our time and taking us for fools.
    Or someone can believe that the Government, on the brink of utter ruin, has kindly kept these millions in a drawer for more than four years as Santa Claus to distribute among the people of Denia ??

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