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Grimalt shares a message of cautious optimism after the extension of the alarm state

06 2020 April - 16: 21

The Mayor of Dénia, Vicent Grimalt, He has shared on his Facebook channel a speech in which he takes stock of the current situation after the announcement of the extension of the state of alarm, which will last for two more weeks.

In the video, Grimalt shows all his support for the measures taken by the Government, being optimistic about the latest data on infections that, according to him, indicate that we are close to turning the curve.

He also wanted to thank the work of the workers of the Hospital de Dénia and of the residence. In the latter, they continue to celebrate that there is no case even though they are aware of how delicate the situation is. About the Hospital, he stressed that there is still a lot of free space, both in the plant and in the ICU, to face new income.

In addition, he has had words for the cases that, taking advantage of Easter, have decided to skip the quarantine to travel to Dénia. "We know that there are people who have moved to their second homes. We ask them to respect the measures that we demand of all the neighbors", has requested the mayor.

▶ Stay home 👉🏠. Teach them one more effort to guide the battle to the COVID-19 The results are beginning to be hopeful. 👉 Both teams are directius of the educational centers in the coordinator, because the student is involved in this course. No patiu, the police are fenta la seua feina. Fem nosaltres la nostra.Gràcies i endavant! -------- ------------------------------------- ▶ Let's stay home 👉🏠. They ask us for one more effort to win the battle at COVID-2 The results are beginning to be encouraging, while we continue to work: 👉 We already have the amount of the remainder that we can allocate to help those affected by this crisis: 19 million euros. 👉 With the management teams of the educational centers we have coordinated so that no student is left behind this course.👉 And yes, some visitors have come to the second residences, but now it is up to them, like everyone, to stay at home. Don't worry, the police are doing their job. Let's make ours, thanks and go ahead! 🌈

Published by Vicent Grimalt Boronat on Monday, April 6 of 2020

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