Great match of the DBC Suma 1st National against Benidorm

07 December 2022 - 11: 39

Important victory for Joan Fuster of the Senior Men's DBC SUMA 1 Nacional against CB Benidorm (86-64). Not only for having ended a streak of three consecutive defeats, but for the way in which it was achieved.

The team scored at a high level of play and connected with a crowd that wanted to see the boys enjoy themselves on the pitch again.

CB Benidorm came to Joan Fuster as co-leader of the group and showed itself to be a compact team, which made things very difficult at all times for Eduardo Clavero and Pascual Miralles. But this was our day, the moment to react.

After the first ten minutes of trial and error, our team exploded in a brilliant second quarter, full of rhythm, strength and success. The visitors were overwhelmed without being able to prevent us from dominating them by a twenty-point advantage (45-25) at half-time.

After going through the changing rooms, our rivals tried in every way to return to the game, and the match went even higher.

Despite the problems of personal fouls, we accepted the fight and they competed perfectly, showing solidity and solvency to answer each visitor's action without showing any cracks by which they would believe that they could turn the score around.

With everything practically resolved, the last period, however, did not mean any relaxation for either of the two teams, who kept up the tone until the final horn sounded, signing a great match.

The victory gives us confidence to move forward with renewed strength. Next week we will visit the ADESAVI field, the team with which we reached the ninth round tied in the standings.

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