Great success in the 8th Solidarity March in favor of the CEE Raquel Payá de Dénia

May 30 from 2022 - 10: 28

During Sunday morning, several hundred neighbors gathered to walk the streets of Dénia for a good cause, in a march whose proceeds have been allocated to the CEE Raquel Payá. It was, without a doubt, a successful event in which the heat did not stop the solidarity, the sport and the good atmosphere.

The 8th Solidarity March in favor of the Raquel Payá CEE, organized by Avantcem (Dénia.com, Xàbia. Com LaMarinaAlta.com), it could finally be held normally after two years of pandemic, bringing together some 300 people, including runners and walkers, to take a 6-kilometre tour of the most emblematic places in Dénia. Different parts of the city witnessed the passage of residents who had signed up to collaborate with the local school, managing to raise more than 3.000 euros.

At the competition level, the overall winner was again Jordi Ripoll, from the Dénia Corre club, who managed to complete the circuit in 00:24:07. In women it was Cindy Van Gerwen who crossed the finish line before, setting a time of 00:30:03.

category podiums

Senior F

  • 1st classified: Sheila Round. Time. Overall position 00.
  • 2st classified: Nina Ivankiv. Time 00:37:18. Overall position 35.
  • 3st classified: Iryna Ivankiv. Time 00:37:50. Overall position 37.

Senior M

  • 1st classified: Jordi Ripoll (Denia Runs). Time 00:24:07. Overall position 1.
  • 2st classified: Paul Slim. Time 00:33:26. Overall position 21.
  • 3st classified: Marti Master. Time 00:33:58. Overall position 27.

A veteran

  • 1st classified: Pepi Gómez (Denia Runs). Time 00:39:14. Overall position 41.
  • 2st classified: Andrea Bisquert. Time 00:42:00. Overall position 47.
  • 3st classified: Jenyree Mendoza. Time 00:42:41. Overall position 52.

Veteran B

  • 1st classified: Cindy Van Gerwen (Publidom). Time 00:30:03. Overall position 11.
  • 2st classified: Cristina Garcia. Time 00:32:10. Overall position 16.
  • 3st classified: MariCarmenLorenzo. Time 00:32:14. Overall position 18.

A veteran

  • 1st classified: Marc Bañuls (Denia Runs). Time 00:27:58. Overall position 6.
  • 2st classified: Juan Todoli (C. Bernardos Trotters). Time 00:31:56. Overall position 14.
  • 3st classified: Daniel Garrigos (Denia Runs). Time 00:32:03. Overall position 15.

veteran B

  • 1st classified: Aitor Heads (Denia Runs). Time 00:24:25. General position 2.
  • 2st classified: Miguel Ángel Martínez (Denia runs). Time 00:25:35. Overall position 3.
  • 3st classified: Victor Manuel Fernandez (Denia Corre). Time. Overall position 00.

The total ranking can be found at this link.

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