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Big collapse of tons of rock barrier at the end of Les Rotes

03 June 2020 - 14: 33

The Les Rotes coastline will no longer be the way it was. The end of the southern coast of Dénia, next to the restaurant Mena, has suffered an inexplicable landslide that has caused large tons of rocks to fall into the sea.

No storm, no major vehicle movements, but still part of the Les Rotes rock barrier is completely redrawn. The small overhang a couple of meters above the water, located next to the Mena Restaurant, and from where many neighbors have ventured to jump into the Mediterranean throughout Diane's history, has disappeared overnight.

The reasons are still unknown, but the image is clear: a large number of rocks of several tons have fallen into the sea after the famous overhang completely cracked. Of this only one great crack remains and, under it, a mountain of enormous stones that protrudes from the water.

The area is currently cordoned off to avoid any accident that may cause people who walk around daily. At the moment, it is still unknown whether these rocks will be removed or that will be the new landscape that will accompany us for the next few years.

  1. Carlos says:

    The reasons are clear. It has been happening for billions of years and it is totally predictable, not being the question to ask, will it happen? if not when? And when it is: when enough time passes.

    On the cliffs, the sea devours the coast, supplying itself with material to make it grow by feeding its beaches with sand.

    The pressure waves from the shock of the waves and the chemical action of the water, which dissolves the minerals, weaken and fracture the cliffs, piercing their base until they cannot support their own weight, at which point they finish fracturing and crumble. Exactly like when we make a hole in the beach and the water loosens the sand from the base of the walls until they crumble and fill the hole created ... but on a different scale.

    Sinning as a generalist, since a careful study would be required to affirm what I say next, now that this mass has been detached it is unlikely that it breaks through the same place, being much more so that it does it by its sides, where the cantilever in the base of the cliff is still deep. Likewise, the time scale of geological processes is overwhelmingly greater than human. Recall that the Earth makes little difference a month, a year, a century, a millennium.

    Removing the material at the base of the cliff would interfere with a natural process that balances erosion and sedimentation, that is, cliffs and beaches. With the problem of coastal erosion on the sandy beaches, it would be inconsistent to remove from them their natural contribution of sediment and then bring trucks and trucks of sand from you to where. An inconsistency and a waste. Where they are now the rocks do not bother, no more than the clusters of rocks scattered here and there from the Marineta to Jávea. The only difference is that we have seen them fall, but they are the same.

    On the other hand, having been between the waves and the cliff, the pieces of rock will protect the latter from the beating of the waves, delaying their subsequent erosion.

    I hope that once the stability of the cliff is assured they will let it be as it is and that when we look out we can look at the new break and remember those dips jumping from the top of the Mena cliff.

    • CGL says:

      Your version would be correct, if those lands, just in a straight line, had not touched at all.
      But is not the case.
      I repeat, the stranglehold of ka pinada and the movement of land, together with the ambition of some, to build where it is not lawful to be public before the law, because it causes these irreparable damages, is the only reason for the detachment.
      I repeat, as in the AMBOLO and the CUMBRES de SOL
      An ECOLOGICAL and PUBLIC CRIME, which some, for their own interests, want to cover, so as not to give greater value to the gravity of what we are experiencing.
      But the sea will take care of taking it all sooner or later and the first in line are those of the Mena restaurant, who will be the first to fall ...
      Regrets are useless after it has happened and there is no going back.
      You cannot build more.
      You have to dismantle stone by stone, the closest thing to the sea.
      And leave the rest as it is.
      That belongs to everyone and not to four cats that will soon disappear from the face of the earth and leave our children and grandchildren, etc. this tremendous problem.

  2. Carmen Gomez Lorenzo says:

    Good morning:
    I do not understand why it appears in the article, that it cannot be explained why it was due.
    It's very clear…
    A few days ago, in the article on the fight between two subjects, in Marques de Campo, I explained that, along with Mena, he had cleaned a number of pine trees and had strangled them, as Conceta Urbidem did today on the ascent to the tower, because they DO NOT STOP eliminating the PINADES that we have left, SERIOUSLY decreasing, the green areas of Denia, to BUILD and only as INVESTMENT, because once built, they are only empty, that if ARCAS for the AYTO that does not stop CONSENTING May this PARADISE go to waste.
    The ROCKS are WEAKENED by the movement of the lands and the withdrawal of the pine forests and the direct reaction, it is this photographic and real panorama that we are seeing.

    But we prefer, not to see it clearly ... there are many interests ... it does not matter if the Mena, etc. goes down ... the first is the abundant money and power that this brings ...

    There are posters of those responsible:
    Developer, Architect, etc.

    Now, theirs would be NOT to ALLOW this construction in any way and to cancel it, based on what happened immediately and later, since it has happened just in a straight line.

    If they ignore what happened and consent to continue building, the only culprits that Denia, Las Rotas, Montgo, etc. they are disappearing and it is no longer what it was, for some interested ... you will not be able to be part of Denia, for having consented it ... it is a shame what is being done.

    Empty homes should be taxed higher than the rent equivalent.
    Since they have been allowed to build, even in places that should be by LAW PROTECTED and SERIOUSLY PENALTY.
    And dismantle us one by one, without mercy and making them re-plant the pine forest exactly as it was, protecting the lands and below these states, so that they do not affect the ROCKS.

    Someday perhaps too late, you will remember what I have stated in writing.

    The proof is in the AMBOLO, the CUMBRES de SOL, the bathers are over, if not risking death, in dream places and paradises ...

    I'm not lying, anyone can go see it and I have countless pictures, but I don't know how I can publish them.

    It makes you want to drive those responsible out of the country, after they lock them all up and leave them without a euro ... I don't say more.
    PAN for TODAY,

  3. Juana María Noguera Gavilá says:

    The soul hurts to see the collapse of that immense rock that has accompanied us "all life." Precisely there, we have enjoyed the sea and unforgettable baths with clean and transparent waters.
    With the collapse of the rocks, parts of our youth are shattered.

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