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Gent de Dénia fears that with the excuse of COVID the pedestrianization of Marqués de Campo will be perpetual

May 26 from 2020 - 12: 57

In a press conference called by Gent de Dénia this morning, the spokesman of the local party, Mario Vidal, warned of the intention of the city council to continue without an end date with the closure to traffic of Marqués de Campo every day and in complete schedule.

"Although it can be argued that they are provisional measures to comply with the distance regulations, we are verifying that this will continue, without establishing any of the minimum conditions necessary to pedestrianize the center of our city", Vidal has pointed out. According to Gent de Dénia, this would mean a disregard for the companies that operate in the main commercial artery of Dénia, including those dedicated to restoration due to the lack of movement of pedestrians outside the tourist seasons.

"In order for businesses, both downtown and neighborhoods to function, they need mobility capacity, if the accesses to business areas are closed and there is no guarantee that there will be free or cheap parking nearby, an immediate transport service, or promotion services and ease of use of commerce and hospitality, it will be difficult for those small entrepreneurs who also suffer from internet sales, shopping centers and this crisis like no other, why these other sales systems work: because their use is easy If we make it difficult for them, we will gradually end the battered local economy. "

The lack of accessibility, the party insisted, would sink local commerce, including the Municipal Market, when competing against, for example, the shopping center that allows parking a few meters from where you are going to make the purchase. The main drawback, therefore, that they warn from Gent de Dénia is the loss of parking areas nearby, so they propose a reversal of the La Vía parking contract or the use of the abandoned building located between La Vía street, Carlos Sentí and Patricio Ferrándiz to create a car park of different heights open for residents and customers of shops in downtown Dianense.

According to Vidal, achieving these squares would be a good beginning to start talking about perpetual pedestrianization, since he admits that the trends for the future of cities must be this. "There are means to be able to pedestrianize and humanize our streets without burdening at once the coexistence between commerce, hotels, offices, residents and visitors."

  1. Tony says:

    I can't believe anyone shops at the Marques de Campo because of parking. There is never any parking available. I think more people would be attracted to the area if it was pedestrian only. However there is a need for free parking in the center of town.

  2. ME says:

    Totally agree, the perfect excuse, this cosmopolitan street is getting worse every day.

  3. Joseph says:

    Not to mention how the rents in the calle Campos will go down …….

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