Gent de Dénia will take the debate on the VAT of the electricity bill to the full Dianense

January 20 from 2021 - 10: 41

The municipal group of Gent de Dénia will ask in the next ordinary plenary session, to be held on Thursday, January 28, that the City Council urgently urge the Central Government to apply the super-reduced VAT of 4% to the electricity bill.

The formation led by Mario Vidal, with the aforementioned objective, will present a motion to encourage the local executive to support this claim. The constant increase in the price of electricity bills added to a time of low temperatures that cause an increase in consumption in homes worries the Dianense education, ensuring that in this extraordinary situation "Extraordinary measures and decisions are needed".

Gent de Dénia proposes to urgently urge the Central Government to equalize the VAT rating of domestic electricity to bread or medicines, and apply the super-reduced VAT of 4%, instead of 21%. And not only that, but it also asks to transfer the motion to other town councils and to the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces for its dissemination, in order to "to join the efforts of the organizations closest to the citizens, who are the ones who suffer directly from this situation", the motion reads.

However, this ambitious claim needs the support of the rest of the parties and, especially, of the Government team, which has the absolute majority, to advance to Moncloa, from where it is argued that the VAT has not inflated the receipts, but that the electricity companies have done, and a tax reduction could serve as an excuse to maintain the current price by increasing the profits of the private companies in question.

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  1. Francisco says:

    The problem of expensive electricity is not only the VAT but also the 5% tax and we don't know why? That later the VAT of 21% is added
    That makes us pay a tax on another tax
    Inadmissible and incomprehensible only in Spain can this style of scam be done
    If the 5% tax is removed and the VAT is reduced to 5% of real consumption, then if it would significantly reduce the cost of electricity