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GD considers that too many car parks have been removed to install the Paseo Saladar terraces

01 June 2020 - 13: 49

Since Dénia entered Phase 1 on May 11, hotel companies and the City Council have worked to facilitate the reopening of terraces in accordance with the regulations. In many of these cases, they have had to be reinvented so that these premises can resume their activity without depriving pedestrians of sufficient space to circulate while maintaining the safety distance.

There have been many troublesome points in Denia to be able to resume business. One of the most famous cases is undoubtedly that of Loreto, whose situation makes it impossible for bars and restaurants, which occupy the vast majority of street businesses, to take tables outside.

However, the Paseo Saladar has also been a conflictive place since the tables that were there before the state of alarm prevented there from being sufficient safety distance between pedestrians or with respect to people using the parking areas located just meters from the terraces.

Finally, the consistory chose to eliminate the adjoining parking lots in order to have more space to be able to remove the outdoor furniture and be occupied. Gent de Dénia, who a few days ago already reproached the City Council for removing parking spaces in the center of the city with the pedestrianization of Marqués de Campo, again resumes his attack to denounce this restriction on parking, now, on Paseo Saladar.

From the local formation they indicate that they agree in many of the cases in which the criteria have been changed to favor the occupation of public roads, but consider that in the case of the Paseo Saladar they have been removed "too many" parking lots. "We continue to think that these specific changes can be improved by modifying the ordinance", says Gent de Dénia.

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  1. Joselito says:

    And what have they done with the car parks on Avenida del Montgó and Calle Sagunto, what do they tell me? I think there are already too many aspiring Minister. Can it be more useless? What a pity.

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