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Dénia Garbi tied their last release in Torrellano (27-27)

23 October 2014 - 00: 00

Garbi Denia took a draw in their shift CB track. Torrellano (27-27), to score a penalty with time served.

Pablo Marí asking for the ball

It was a very difficult match given the entity rival, a team that last season was fighting for positions ascent promotion.

Garbi players marked a high pace to the game from the start and won by 10 3 minutes and goals. Locals called dead time, and were gradually cut difference thanks to a defensive system of 5-1 hustling, he went crazy at Dianense attack. This circumstance allowed to CB. Torrellano re-enter the game and go into halftime tied at 12 on the scoreboard.

In the second part, equality remained for many minutes, and neither team could get more than 2 differences goals. Defenses began to feel tired and lowered the defensive rhythm, and both teams took advantage of this to achieve goals easily.

A lack of 10 minutes left, the dianenses, which took advantage of the home team to open an income of 2 goals, which remained almost until the end of the match with two players stayed least 2 minutes expulsions.

He entered the final minute of the clash with swords in style. In the last action of the match with a goal down the dianenses, locals made a clear penalty from the end. José Sánchez coolly threw the death penalty, with over time, scoring the equalizer to 27, a result which ended this intense game.

For Garbi Denia played and scored: Jaime Donderis, Anibal, Pedro García, Pablo Marí (2), José Sánchez (8), David Salanova (6), Luis Mezquida (3), Pablo Vinaroz (3), Emilio Landete (3), Jonathan Ribes (1), Carles Miralles (1)

Handball fans can enjoy this sport on Saturday at the Municipal Hall Dianense Denia where the team will play against the CB. Elda to 18 hours corresponding to the third round of the provincial League match.

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