Gabriel Martínez is re-elected president of the Port Advisory Board of the Port of Dénia

06 June 2023 - 09: 30

The General Assembly of the Consultative Port Board of the Port of Dénia has re-elected Gabriel Martínez as president, by acclamation. This entity is made up of the concessionaires that operate in the port: Balearia, Varadero Port Dénia, Fishermen's Association, Marina El Portet, Marina Dénia and Nautica Noguera.

"My colleagues have once again trusted me to chair this table that emerged in 2006 to be a consultative body for all the aspects that each of the companies that make it up work on," says Gabriel Martínez, president of the Port Table.

This body acts as an interlocutor both with the Dénia City Council and with the Generalitat Valenciana. "Any decision that is made about the port will have an impact on our way of life and well-being and we must be very aware and know each movement."

The Port of Dénia has more than 2.000 moorings, making it one of the Mediterranean coastal towns with the most moorings per inhabitant. It generates more than 1.200 direct jobs and almost 7.000 indirect ones.

“This is a moment of special relevance since all the works and improvements that are going to be carried out will have a very important influence on the port-city relationship and the Port Board will be very attentive to foster this relationship and strive to achieve definitive integration from the port of Dénia within our city and that our citizens can enjoy all the facilities that are located in it in their free time”. declares Gabriel Martinez.

Educational project 'Know the Port of Dénia'

From the Port Table, various talks and workshops are also held on the importance of protecting the sea and its environment. And, three years ago, the educational project "Meet the Port of Dénia" was launched. In each edition, 400 ESO and Vocational Training students have participated.

The purpose of this project is for young people to come to know the Port of Dénia, as well as the opportunities and job opportunities it has. They know the tourist part of Marina Dénia, the dry marina of Náutica Noguera, in the Fishermen's Association they are informed about the importance of fishermen, in Marina El Portet a practice is carried out on how a boat enters the port, they know the facilities of Balearia and in Varadero Port Dénia the maintenance functions of the boats.

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