November 05 from 2020 - 10: 13

Hair loss is one of the biggest aesthetic concerns and it affects us all, especially in autumn, the time of hair renewal. Right now, in polyclinic CUME They have different techniques that stop hair loss and recover the damaged follicle, stimulating the strengthening and increasing the density of the hair. Do you want to know them?

His star treatment is La hair mesotherapy with PRP o Platelet Rich Plasma, which stimulates tissues and favors their regeneration. They associate vitamins to accelerate the whole process. Prior to treatment, they do a trichogram, technique for capillary diagnosis, where the state of the hair is observed. At CUME Polyclinic, they perform it to assess causes or pathologies, such as excess fat, hair loss, type of alopecia ... always done in a personalized way. With the led light, stimulate the entire alopecia area, activating circulation and providing essential elements for recovery.

They have three star products of advanced hair cosmetics:

  • La vegetable peat, which removes excess fat. Contains cobalt, which removes all dead cells from the skin and scalp. Provides all the essential minerals and trace elements for its regeneration.
  • El regulating shampoo, which fights seborrhea, eliminating dandruff and preventing its reappearance, due to its high content of sulfur and rosemary extract. Calm irritation and itchiness thanks to thyme extracts.
  • La regenerating lotion, which acts by stimulating the hair follicle and producing an increase in blood flow in this area, achieving greater oxygenation of the scalp.

It is possible to stimulate the areas where there is hair, but in large areas of baldness the only solution is hair transplantation. With PRP, repair and healing times are improved after transplantation.

CUME Polyclinic is on Salvador Salvá Street 6, Bajo (Pasaje Avenida Amanecer, 37), in Jávea. Contact on the phone 965792324.

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