Fran López better Dianense in 'XX Volta Popular Gata'

13 March 2017 - 10: 50

Athletes, and Pont Félix Mª Isabel Ferrer They repeated the victory achieved in Calpe, being the best in the "XX Volta Popular Gata". Neither of them had trouble getting the victory. As for the Dianenses athletes, the best was Fran López, from the Enganxa't a Correr group. Lopez entered the seventh position of the general.

Pont from the first meters of the race printed a very high rate which was not followed by anyone. He controlled well tested and presented with much advantage on the line. The second place went to José Manuel García was clearly outdone by his arch rival.

In women, Mª Isabel Ferrer was the best, she took an important advantage over the xabiera, Cristina Roselló, who was the second to cross the finish line. The third place went to Anna Berglind, of the Athletics Club Baleària Diànium.

Emphasize the great organization by the Athletics Club Gata and extraordinary atmosphere, with fans who took to the streets to applaud the passage of the participants.


junior Women

ª 1 Alba Juan
ª 2 Molly Woods
ª 3 Ana Heppner

Male youth

1 º Roberto Vengut
2 º Jack Devenish
3 º David de los Santos

Senior women

ª 1 Cristina Roselló
ª 2 Jenifer Woods
ª 3 Angela Sellens

Senior male

1 º Felix Pont
2 º José Manuel García
3 º Sergi Soler

Veteranas A

ª 1 Mª Isabel Ferrer
ª 2 Anna Berglind
ª 3 Christina Mallet

1 º Carlos Pla
2 º Antonio Fornés
3 º Cristián Ferreyra

Veteranas B

ª 1 Ana Alberola
ª 2 Encarna Cardona
ª 3 Sonia Sanchez

Veterans B

1 º Víctor Fernández
2 º Víctor Pérez
3 º Carlos Simó

Veteranas C

ª 1 Mila Ortega
ª 2 Ana Ortolá
ª 3 Violeta Gómez

veterans C

1 º Juan Sellens
2 º Manuel Chiner
3 º Ricardo Carañana

Veteranas D

ª 1 Carmen Sala
ª 2 Teresa Gregori
ª 3 Esther Pérez

veterans D

1 º José Antonio Amorós
2 º Emili Pérez
3 º Vicent De Juan

Veteranas E

ª 1 Gina Vaughan
ª 2 Kate Ayres
ª 3 Jane Armoush

veterans E

1 º Francecs Ferrer
2 º Santiago Guzmán
3 º Vicent Bou

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