Finally, Dénia will have no Fallas in 2020

May 15 from 2020 - 20: 11

After the decision of the Valencia City Council to postpone the Fallas of the capital until 2021, the fallero collective was pending the positioning of the Local Board Fallera, who insisted on celebrating them during this year.

Both falleros and falleras as the mayor himself saw it unfeasible to keep the celebration this year, especially in the face of a new celebration in 2021 with just months apart. However, there were still members of the group who were betting on a celebration during the October bridge.

Finally, it has been decided that the festivities will go directly to March 2021, keeping monuments and offices of each of the commissions. The decision was made just a few minutes ago after a meeting with the delegates of each district, in which the postponement was proposed, and was finally approved with 22 votes in favor and 4 abstentions.

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