Federico Guajardo (Rte Sal de Mar), first runner-IV Chef of the Year Competition

November 19 from 2010 - 00: 00

The Dianense gastronomy are in luck again, since the restaurant's chef Sea salt Federico Guajardo was proclaimed the winner Wednesday of the first semifinal IV Chef of the Year Competition.

The event took place in Murcia, where chefs from the Murcian and Valencian regions congregated, and Guajardo won the rest with a menu composed of 'Sorrentinos with ricotta of smoked olive oil in vineyard firewood and grilled tomato water' as an entree; 'Crusted whiting with ginger infusion and grape extract' of main course; and 'Tempered honey meringue, creamy citrus and almond ice cream', for dessert.

Federico congratulations to Guajardo and Restaurant Sal de Mar, and good luck in the final where he will face other 3 chefs.

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