Marina Alta Solidarity Federation

Some of you have taken advantage of the summer to break the routine, to open your mind to new ex-perience and know another aspect of reality, from the Marina Alta Solidarity Federation want to thank you for your selfless and altruistic collaboration.

It's been the holiday season and today we present us to encourage those who do not know us yet and those who already know us to collaborate with us in our volunteer work, participating in social projects that have adhered Partnerships and projects the departments of Social Services of the municipalities of the Marina Alta with whom we collaborate. Collaboration, helping other people improve their quality of life will cause you to feel more useful in the society in which we live, establishing a flow of knowledge and experience that will enrich undoubtedly your personal life.

About us

The Marina Alta Solidarity Federation is an independent, non-denominational and non-governmental, non-profit organization with legal personality and legally registered in the Register of Associations of the Generalitat Valenciana, with registration number CV-02- 039717-A, It aims at fostering, promotion and revitalization of voluntary-do in the Marina Alta region.

We are an organization born promoted by the Department of Social Development of the City of Denia in collaboration with other social organizations, have local scope and precisely this is one of our goals, trying to get the various associations of the Marina Alta and local governments are part of the Federation and constitute a true Set as.

We currently maintain an agreement with the city of Denia, which allows us to work closely with the Department of Social Welfare in conducting activities to raise awareness and enhance volunteerism in society Denia.

Our objectives

- Transform the social reality, creating a common space, of coexistence and exchange between the different social entities that compose it and the volunteers, in order to enable reflection on initiatives and activities that enhance the solidarity attitudes of citizens.

- Coordinate, strengthen, train and energize volunteering; as well as the coordination and cooperation between the social entities, together with the Local Corporation of each municipality, in a way that allows them to reflect on common problems and future challenges they may face.

- Promote the Social Responsibility of the companies of the region through the Social Projects of the Associations that are already part of the Federation as well as those that in the future are also part of it.

What areas can you intervene?

As a Federation we work together with various associations, which cover different areas of everyday life: Children, Elderly, mentally and physically disabled, women, persons in social exclusion, immigration, Third World, Problematic addiction and fibromyalgia.

What associations make up the Marina Alta Solidarity Federation?


Just conclude by saying that if after reading the above, you are interested in joining our volunteer or feel curious, you can contact us. We will be happy to meet you and have an interview with you.

Marina Alta Solidarity Federation
C / Pare Pere, 17
Telephone: 96 578 65 58

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  1. Paola andrea Ramirez Ramirez TORRES says:

    Hello good morning my name is Paola Andrea Ramirez I am Colombian I live in this beautiful country 4 years ago I am located in Calpe, I am a nursing assistant technician I have 13 years of experience and I would love to help you now in this pandemic, I have experience in clinical laboratory , hospitalization, emergencies, management of ventilated patients and tracheostomy, I do very well in the area if it is of great help that I can help them with pleasure ... my number is 642195139

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