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A young man from Dénia dies after fracturing his head in Les Rotes

23 June 2020 - 19: 30

The lifeguard and surveillance season could not start worse. The coves of Les Arenetes, at the end of Les Rotes, have claimed the life of a young Dianense who was in the place bathing with some friends.

Although the reason for the accident is unknown, everything indicates that the young man had fallen from height to the surface of rocks, deeply wounding him in the head. A bather has been the one who has seen the body still alive but without knowledge, with a great hemorrhage in the gap of the skull. The latter has notified his friends and the closest Red Cross team, that of Ca Nano, who have mobilized ambulances, boats and alerted the firefighters.

The accident site has made immobilization and transfer work very difficult, according to NGO sources. So much so that they have had to resort to the fire helicopter that has mobilized it to the parking lot of the restaurant Mena. Once on the road, SAMU has taken him still alive to the Hospital, where he unfortunately died an hour ago.

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