Dénia 2019 failures: these are the most anticipated monuments of a very competitive year

17 March 2019 - 08: 49

Those skilled in failures they affirm that in Dénia very good monuments are planted, and that this year the quality is more than evident. The four faults that compete in the Special section and the seven that compete in the First section already shine in their falleras demarcations.

Tonight, from the 20: 30 hours, we will know which are the best of this year, an awards ceremony that you can follow live from our Facebook page. For the moment, you can discover here how are the monuments of this year.

Falla Baix la Mar

  • Motto: Qui tea padrins the bategen
  • Artist: José Sanchís

Falla Center

  • Motto: Pantomime
  • Artist: Pere Baenas

Paris Falla Pedrera

  • Motto: Com to Dénia in cap lloc
  • Artist: David Sánchez Llongo

Falla West

  • Motto: Malèfics
  • Artist: I Serra Palace

Falla Port Rotes

  • Motto: I shit Dénia
  • Artist: Rafa Ibañez

Diana fails

  • Motto: Amaga't les vergonyes
  • Artist: Juane Cortell

Falla Saladar

  • Motto: Wonderland
  • Artist: José Sanchís

Falla Campaments

  • Motto: The great invaded
  • Artist: Sergio Lis

Falla Les Roques

  • Motto: Aliment dels Deus
  • Artist: Pachi

Darrere Falla del Castell

  • Motto: Evocacions
  • Artist: I Serra Palace

Falla Camp Roig

  • Motto: Welcome To Dénia
  • Artist:

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